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 “Leaders of Kent Recycling Honored at UnCorked  with Grasshopper Awards”

Uncorked & On Tap 2016: A Camp Herrlich Event

Saturday October 15, 2016 at the Putnam County Golf Course, Mahopac NY

Grasshopper Awards Press Release PDF


Leaders of NYS’ only all-volunteer Kent Recycling Center are being honored as this year’s Grasshopper Awardees at UnCorked & OnTap – Camp Herrlich’s annual scholarship fundraiser 7pm this Oct 15th at Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac, NY. “Recognizing KRC co-founders Jim Baker, Howard Carpenter and co-chair Sue Kotzur celebrates the tremendous positive environmental impact that is Kent Recycling Center,” H. G. Fairfield Arts president Kim Blacklock explains: “The Grasshopper Awards honor those forward thinking people in our communities who really put themselves out there for positive change. UnCorked & OnTap benefits Camp Herrlich’s scholarships which grant 75% of their over 5000 youth participants – from Putnam County & the Hudson Valley to the 5 Boroughs to Long Island to NJ & further – all a chance at life-changing enjoyable educational and environmental programs. Kent Recycling Center is another perfect example of what can start with a good idea amongst friends over coffee mugs; 25 years later KRC is sought out as a model for other towns watching the over 600 families moving over 350 tons annually of plastic, glass, tin, metal, cardboard, junk mail, newspaper, metal, electronics, and more away from landfills and into commodities – all without a penny of taxpayer dollars nor one employee. Happily welcoming new volunteers, they teach on.”


Barbara Schech-Freer of Schech Pools and chair of October 15th’s  UnCorked &On Tap event committee relates “Camp Herrlich believes that what one does in life must be carried out in a manner consistent with respect for the individual and concern for the Earth. We are inspired by the example Kent Recycling Center (KRC) founders and families set for our children and our communities who wonder how they too can work to improve our environment. Reduce Reuse Recycle has proudly become a way of life for over 600 Town of Kent, NY, families who through KRC show just how big a difference can be made together working towards a common goal. It all fits perfectly with the values of Camp Herrlich.”


Blacklock adds: “H. G. Fairfield Arts is thrilled to have the Grasshopper Awards at UnCorked and OnTap and to recognize Jim Baker, Howard Carpenter, and Sue Kotzur as leaders of Kent Recycling Center. For Camp Herrlich to join with us, in celebrating the more than 25 years of forward thinking and positive action by neighbors, former teachers, veterans,  Kent volunteer fireman, and all who started KRC is to reinforce immediately to literally 1000’s of youth and adults the tremendous possibilities of good ideas and working together.”


This Saturday 7 pm October 15th at the Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac, NY, with wine tasting, beer sampling, appetizers, auctions and comedy, dinner buffet, desserts and music, attendees will celebrate the generosity of all those who help families afford children and youth access to Camp Herrlich’s environmental and educational programs; in the past 25 years untold numbers of children and youth (estimates near 100,000) were granted the supported opportunity to experience our extraordinary Putnam County environment and Camp Herrlich values. For more information or for tickets to this Saturday’s UnCorked & OnTap follow links at

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