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The goal of the Train to Sustain program is to support the next generation of emerging leaders in environmental stewardship by helping them self-identify as such and then immerse them in experiential activities to fuel their passions and commitment to the ecologies of the planet and the value of public land and spaces. To accomplish this, a small group of urban New York City students and rural Mid-Hudson Valley, NY Students will embark on a multi-phased program which provides opportunities in leadership training and transformative experiences via the exploration of public lands in both the area of the five Boroughs of New York City and in upstate New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley. This project is still in development with its initial program being offered as Swamp Life.


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Swamp Life in The Great Swamp

Join us For Kayaking and Outdoor Education 8:30am – 12pm

at Patterson Rec. Center June 29, July 13, August 3, & August 24

As a first offering of Train to Sustain, Swamp Life introduces children, teens, adults to kayaking on the Great Swamp located in Patterson, NY. Educators and Environmentalists have gathered the data that shows when children have positive experiences in nature (& the earlier the better), those same children go on to become stewards of the environment. To seed that effect, trained kayak guides lead paddlers out into the swamp and give an introduction to the ecological bio-system of the swamp. Trips ran May through September and were open to all, with no prior experience being required and all equipment being provided. After 3 hours on the water, participants came back and created an art piece using oil pastels to mark their experience. The program was highly successful and sold out for 2 trips every Saturday and Sunday it was held.




Chief Daniel Nimham Annual PowWow

Putnam County Veterans Memorial Park, 201 Gipsy Trail RD, Carmel, NY

2012 Gallery      2013 Gallery

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