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Actual final PJ Kickstarter

H. G. Fairfield Arts takes the Courage Continues at Home Comedy Tour with PJ Walsh National!

30 May 2013, Brewster, NY. H. G. Fairfield Arts is proud to present Brewster son & Navy veteran PJ Walsh doing his stand-up comedy Sat. June 15th 7-9 pm for the National Presidents’ Meeting of the US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club in San Antonio, TX, at the San Antonio Airport Hilton Grand Ballroom. A cross-country trek begins June 10th, following Wurtsboro, NY’s USMVMC NY 4 to Texas. The veteran bikers’ road trip passes through Concho, Oklahoma, June 12 & 13, where the USMVMC NY4 and accompanying chapters will be the first outside US Military Veterans group to honor the US military veterans amongst the Southern Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes. The entire tour is being filmed as part of a feature documentary aimed at saving veterans’ lives called “Bomber, PJ, & Beartracks.” 

The chance encounter of two Navy men, Bomber & PJ, in Iraq resulted in PJ and 1,500-2,000 other troops surviving the theater shelling because Bomber, as a Navy Seabee, was in charge of security for the event and took out the source of the incoming. Poughkeepsie’s WPDH’s Home of the Free Because of the Brave Radiothon in 2011 at Anthony’s Pier Nine in New Windsor, NY revealed this war story because Bomber happened to be there when PJ Walsh was telling the story live on-air with Coop. PJ Walsh’s candid yet uproarious humor has become its own healing agent for not only veterans and their families, but active military personnel, as he’s done over 15 trips overseas to entertain our troops in war zones and on our bases. Bomber now continues to also flex his bravery as he goes public about his own PTSD in an effort to help others manage and even heal from the effects of war. 

The third subject in the documentary, Mr. Beartrack, is a Marine, a Cheyenne, and a Viet Nam War combat veteran. H. G. Fairfield Arts will be introducing Mr. Beartrack to Bomber and the USMVMC in Oklahoma June 12th when they arrive for the veterans’ honoring with the Southern Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes. The Cheyenne sent 300 of their own over to Viet Nam & 300 came back. The ancient clans and warrior societies are steeped in practices which prepare those for war and also prepare them successfully for re-integration into civilian society upon their return. With the sheer numbers of returning service people now, the overwhelming statistics of those diagnosed with PTSD, and with the ensuing veteran suicides throwing families into the depths of grief, it is clear more help is needed to address these issues. H. G. Fairfield’s President Kim Blacklock went to the Cheyenne to see if they’d be willing to open up their practices which they’ve had such success with in therapeutically treating their own returning warriors. The unprecedented gathering in Oklahoma is the first step in this process.

Please join us New Yorkers as we honor the veterans and their families all across this great nation with a little humor, heart, and humanity. H. G. Fairfield Arts’ third tour with PJ Walsh and his infectious comedy, Courage Continues At Home III, pulls together communities – an American tradition we can all support. “Bomber, PJ, & Beartracks” will be a tool easily accessible to direct those in need to the appropriate avenues. Visit and help support H. G. Fairfield Arts’ and USMVMC NY4’s documentary, which is already in its very making a healing agent for our warriors and their families.

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