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The Arts Center is currently engaged in collaborative working relationships with organizations in the mid-Hudson Valley to help identify community needs, develop programs to address those needs, plan special events to support those initiatives, and implement or support programs found to be relevant to those needs.



H. G. Fairfield Arts operates from Kathie Freston’s grandfather’s mantra of

“See a need; fill it.”

H. G. was a Mainer who went off as a farm boy and fisherman on a scholarship to M.I.T. He quit after a year citing it was a waste of his time. He went off to Boston, joined up with an Irishman – Alexander Ellis, and the two of them by 1902 incorporated as the Fairfield & Ellis Insurance Company insuring riot torn Boston’s plate glass windows and ships. Their grasshopper weather vane is on top of Faneuil Hall near the Waterfront; the rest is history. The grasshopper can only go forward.
As H. G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment.

1.We see a need
and do empirical research to confirm and reveal details and inform programming,

2. We create programs to facilitate specific outcomes
[programs include awareness campaigns, gathering stakeholders and making partnerships,
and hosting events to create community and fundraising around those campaigns],and

3.We fill it
by affecting outcomes which include donations of funds from events, in sponsorship’s, or as logistical support to specifically help fill the needs identified in our research, communities, and campaigns.


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