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H. G. Fairfield Arts, along with Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, is proud to present a fat girl’s voice from Queens in “SCARED SKINNY” with Mary Dimino!

But why is H. G. Fairfield Arts getting involved by presenting SCARED SKINNY?

Because we hope to help counteract a media culture that actively participates in the meanness of bullying – criticizing your weight, your hair, your nose – which is the opposite of how we’re trying to raise our children.  We would rather spotlight the positive.  Mary Dimino shows us a bevy of coping skills, options, and how to turn adversity into fuel for success.

From H. G. Fairfield Arts’ work with Veterans, and my own work with survivors of domestic violence, we know the issues of not being heard; the blinding hopelessness & feelings of isolation are also in other sectors of our communities. We aim to shine a spotlight on those places where kids and others feel alone. It’s what our Grandmas used to tell us when we came home crying from the bullies – to turn adversity into personal success: “Consider the source! Pity the person; rise above!” But now the bullying messages are imbedded in the media; calling the Australian swimmer & 8-time Olympic medalist Liesel Jones fat? Bad hair commentary and a nasty NBC monkey ad dominating Gabby Douglas’ historic gold medal? Now Grandma’s neighborhood threat is a pervasive culture of media bullying.

H. G.’s legacy bequeathed to us is “See a need; fill it.” To promote the creation, practice, and performance of art, culture, & recreation means to inspire, give a voice, transform a life. To work within our communities links us together with multi-generational activities in laughter, maybe some tears. Big spotlights, stage lights, press attention, radio interviews can be concentrated on the positive in all of this jumble, on presenting very publicly more coping skills & options.

Bring on the Spectacle!



Kim Blacklock

President of H. G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment Inc.



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