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The Road to Healing: NY to OK

With the deadly systematic failure of the Veterans Administration (history reveals it has never been easy for veterans to receive their earned benefits and health care), it becomes all the more crucial we continue to join our neighbors and communities to make sure our local veterans and families are being served, while we can model and continue to join with other 

communities and show how it gets done here in Putnam and Pennsylvania. The caretaking the returned warrior and keeping the family and home together often falls on the women, always on the family, and when the woman is also the veteran, variables jump exponentially adding to that woman veteran’s load and rate of successful reintegration. Individual, family, and ultimately community consequences feel the ripple effect. 22 veterans a day commit suicide and our families in the Hudson Valley and Brewster hold their share of this anguish, too. Here is a link to our first released veteran suicide prevention film made with the US Military Vets Motorcycle Club (one of the few with women veterans & active service personnel) : They launch our Riding For Our Lives Veteran Suicide Prevention Run at the June 27th Comedy Show at BHS.

Riding for Our Lives:

Semper Fi Odyssey

Semper Fi Odyssey, the national program for any U.S. military branch’s combat wounded, injured, or ill active duty members or veterans. Semper Fi Odyssey was founded and is run by MGen T.S. Jones (USMC, RET) in the mountains of Pennsylvania, with one of the Team Leaders a Brewster High School grad.

(USMC, LT COL RET). Some of their support comes from the Semper Fi Fund. Semper Fi Odyssey and its professional yet volunteer Team Leaders are committed to each participant’s individual progress, a long-term mentorship, and the successful transitioning out of the military into civilian workplaces. A 6 day holistic program focuses on self-assessment, career planning, higher education, enhanced family relationships, while reinforcing the significance of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social well-being to ensure long-term success.

                 GIs of Comedy Thank Brewster Schools



 The Play Is The Thing, with Judy Sleed

Guest PJ Walsh

Guest Mary Dimino


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